We act for the environment

We act for the environment

When working in the paper and cardboard packaging industry, we are all the more sensitive to environmental issues.

We act ecologically. We plant trees. Why? Because when trees are around us, they have a positive effect - on us, our children, our homes and our work. We treat trees "in a friendly manner". Because in summer they give us shade, they cool the air. In winter they protect us from frost and wind. Trees are our natural filters - they care for our health by absorbing and neutralising toxic substances. They are our air conditioner - they give us back all the water they have gathered in the form of vapour.

Finally, trees are a raw material for various kinds of crafts. They yield cellulose pulp, its mechanical processing yields wood pulp and out of these two raw materials paper is made. This is how most of paper is made all over the world.

As we enjoy the benefits of trees (in each and every possible sense of this word), we feel responsible for planting them.


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